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About USA Education Fund

The USA Education Fund has been raising funds for over a decade, which are utilized in the construction of community projects, education campuses, and associated services. These funds have supported the development of education institutions, hotels, community projects, residential projects, and related services.

Currently, the USA Education Fund is working on several new projects across Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Florida, and Nevada.


The USA Education Finance Group, a national leader in education institution and education subsidiaries financing, has been at the forefront of structuring financings for education institutions schools since 2003. They possess extensive experience in evaluating a school's financing needs and tapping into diverse financing sources to offer suitable solutions. The financing options available for community projects include:

  • Tax-exempt and taxable bonds
  • Safest EB5 investments
  • New Markets Tax Credits
  • Interim and gap financing


What is Bond Financing?

What is Bond Finacing in Public Schools?

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Charter Schools and Bond Market

Charter Schools and Bond Market.

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Finished Project

Provides a unique, innovative K-12 Education and Other Community Projects

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Why Partner with Us?

Why partner with us?

  • Our projects have Sponsored Funded Revenues
  • Our projects have pre-approved bridge financing.
  • Qualified EB5 investor students can apply to our High School Programs.
  • Bridge financing construction ensures that job calculations are quantified prior to I-526 filing.